caterina caramello

Caterina Caramello

She has an interior design degree and a love for markets from french flea markets to workshop and worldwide bazaars discovered during her trip.


Catelier is “her place to be” an eclectic location between exhibition and workshop, where experiences join artisanal creativity which products one of a kind and unusual furniture and decor. That’s a place where you can find design consultations that look after details, where to negotiate a survey and open a project that will light up your home creating an atmosphere and bringing the personality of the owne.


In the antique village of Verrand first of all the place my origins, then my hearth,where to welcome and showcase. Caterina’s home can be considered as a showroom of the quality of her work, published many times on some of the most popular interior decore magazines as Bravacasa, Casa Viva, Images, the collections of “Il Sole 24Ore”, Ville e Casali.
A home which continous swing between different moods and styles with an ironic but armonic touch, following the mutation of seasons and nature. An area where to see the decoration on, like wallpapers, lampshades and curtains